Solnechniy Dar is one of the largest greenhouse farms in Russia. We use the latest innovative technology to provide fresh produce year-round.   We operate 83.27 hectares of high-tech greenhouses that produce more than 38 000 tons of high quality fresh vegetables annually.  

Our greenhouse facilities are  located in the Stavropol region of Russia – an area with more than 300 sunny days per year which allows us grow fresh produce with outstanding quality and taste.

Out team includes more than 1500 high-quality professionals with extensive experience in greenhouse farming.


The greenhouse facilities are equipped with the latest generation equipment. Computer control establish desirable microclimate for plants and guarantees stable year-round yield, regardless of external weather conditions. All processes are regulated automatically:  work of the power center, the supplementary lighting system, the temperature in greenhouses, ventilation systems, humidity, irrigation and fertilization.


For pest control, we implement biological methods involving use of macrolophuses,  These specially breeded insects destroy pests and prevent their propagation in greenhouses without any harm to humans.


Safety of our produce is our priority. Cleaning, washing and cloth changing is mandatory before entering the farming zone for all personnel.


Our key customers are large retail chains in the Central and Southern regions of the Russian Federation including "Magnit", "Pyaterochka", "Diksi", "Billa", "Lenta", "Karusel", "Perekrestok", "Vershina" and many others.


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Our plans


Phase IV:

The fourth phase of the greenhouse complex will be 37.83 hectares.  The start of the construction is scheduled for the third quarter of year 2023. The fourth phase is expected to produce 13,019 thousand tons of tomatoes per year.